Although the smell of mothballs is nice, I have to say my favorite aspect of thrifting is imagining each item’s previous owner. If shopping were Kindergarten, the aforementioned activity is storytime. (Note to self: Bring juice and crackers to next thrift outing)

The image conjured up after wearing today’s featured denim is a strange one among the ranks of the usual geriatric yet oh-so-stylish society women, trophy wives finding meaning in their lives through charity, and Mormons. Here, we have a different beast altogether.

It’s the most popular girl in middle school, circa 2004.

Today, we are dealing with some genuine denim made by the infamous Abercrombie & Fitch. Go ahead, roll your eyes at me. I sort of hate myself for it too.

Except not, because really, these jeans make my butt look like I do more than run around the block once for exercise. These jeans are like a plastic surgeon, only way cheaper and much less invasive.

I love thrift shopping because it creates second chances. Sure, Abercrombie is lame now and I’d rather be Kim Kardashian’s personal assistant for a month than spend an hour in their ear-drum shattering dungeon of a store. But a pair of A & F jeans found at the thrift store for $1? Sings a bit of a different tune, don’t you think? I mean, at the end of the day, it’s just a cool pair of bell-bottoms.

Which I made even cooler by pairing them with the best pearl-encrusted vest in the world. And an Oscar de la Renta scarf tied circus-style round my neck. And then later a hat that would make the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air proud.

It’s like moving half-way through high-school. New store, new identity. Endless possibilities.

Price time:

Denim: $1.00

Pearl Vest: $5.00

Shoes: Ferragamo. $2.00

Hat: Stole from Will Smith (Just kidding it was 50 cents)

Oscar de la Renta Scarf: 50 cents