We all know how the saying goes. Business up front…what in the back? Well, in this case we have a top almost completely unbuttoned, revealing an amount of skin that would most likely leave it’s original owner in a state of shock and horror. I somehow doubt that “party” was a term frequently used by whoever previously donned what I now refer to as my personal take on the cultural phenomenon known as The Mullet.

Although this infamous hairstyle is typically regarded as the fashion girl’s worst nightmare, you have to admit that there is something appealing about the concept. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Having two things at once? Why not wear a top that says slightly psychedelic flight attendant in the front yet triumphantly screams “party on” in the back? Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar were on to something, don’t you think?

I’ll cease with the questions and get on to the prices now.

Possible former flight attendant’s uniform top: $1.00

Scarf: 50 cents

Polka-dot button up tied nonchalantly tied around my waist: 50 cents

Denim cut-offs: 50 cents

Shoes: Ferragamos! $2.00