I’m taking several preemptive measures this Thanksgiving.

Gym in the morning.

Viewing of MTV’s “True Life”: I’m a Competitive Eater. For inspiration.

An outfit that is festive, yet hangs as far away from my body as sartorially possible.

I can’t think straight when my clothing suddenly aspires to be an anaconda and attempts to strangle me. And rest assured, my mind must be clear as Ketel so that I can act as architect to my personal mashed potato tower. We all know that perfect gravy pour isn’t for the faint of heart.

Here’s my plan. I found a top at Beacon’s Closet that is both visually invigorating and is conveniently ten sizes too large. I’ll be pairing that with some cropped pants in case I decide to cross “wade through a bathtub of mashed potatoes” off my bucket list. Said pants are also wide as my eyes shall be when I see the turkey coming out of the oven. This year’s toppings consist of some shockingly pink earrings I found at a farmer’s market in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and some wannabe disco shoes that also hail from Beacon’s.

I think I’ve really set myself up for Thanksgiving success here. Have you laid out your strategy yet? Did you plan out your post-meal Netflix binge? Which family member are you looking forward to seeing the least? Feel free to tell me every single detail in the comments.

Like these photos? So do I. They were taken by the lovely EJ, a NYC based foodie, fashionista, makeup guru and social media expert. You can see more of her work on her website or you can check out her Instagram.

See you all on the flip sides of our food comas.