With the rise of the infamous hipster phenomenon came a newfangled sartorial notion. Stereotypically tacky pieces are suddenly being celebrated by stars and fashion girls alike. What would have been deemed heinous ten years ago is often now coveted like little bits of shoulder-padded gold. How did this happen? Are we all just so sick of the pressure to look perfect that we’ve run headlong in opposite direction? Or is it simply time for fashion to move into a space considered taboo for just a little too long? After all, music eventually became atonal and art turned abstract. Perhaps once beauty has been explored to a certain extent, the natural next move is over to the dark side. To whatever is typically seen as aesthetically repugnant.

Whatever the reason, I’m a fan. Which leads me to my very first Garbage Pile outfit. Though I support the movement away from traditional beauty standards, there are a few personal navigation guidelines I tend to abide by. When donning pants that make me look like Urkel’s dream woman, I like to try and balance things out. You know, show some skin on top to counteract the pants that scream “soccer mom” circa 1987. Hence, the scarf hastily tied around my armpits in lieu of an actual shirt. Throw in some funky green flats for that WOW factor and we’re in business. Because I know you were wondering,yes, the white polka dot bracelet is in fact a cuff cut off from an old shirt. I think it all comes together nicely.

Now all I need is a mini-van.

It’s time to talk prices! I’ll list brands when known/somewhat relevant. All items shown were thrifted.

Jeans. Jordache. 50 cents.

Top/scarf. $1.50

Shoes. $2.00

Cuff. Handmade but from a nightshirt I bought for $1.50

Photo credit to Laura L Gingerich. Find more of her wonderful work at http://www.lauralynn.smugmug.com