The first time I saw this ruffled contraption of a blouse, I wrote it off as ridiculous and kept on browsing.

Fast forward a few days. I’ve returned the very same thrift shop and, lo and behold, there it is! The perfect piece if Prince were to take up fencing! As I laugh and start to move on again, something stops me. A flicker of a vision dances across my psyche. I’m seeing those ruffles delicately encasing my shoulders. All that crisp, white fabric floating around me majestically. Slightly enticed, I hesitantly walk over to the dressing rooms.

And thus, my mental and emotional battle with the concept of trends commenced.

The only way to wear this thing without looking like a seventeenth century page boy was off the shoulder. These bare-shouldered creations are popping up on every corner like Starbucks in New York City. I have a Friedrich Nietzsche-level deep grudge against wearing trendy things. As a toddler, I refused to be dressed by anyone and my day-to-day uniform consisted of a swimsuit and a pink tutu. At age ten, I played street hockey and shopped  exclusively in the boy’s section. Going with the crowd has never been appealing to me.

But does that mean I have to reject every trend simply based on principle? Does that not ultimately confine me if I’m abstaining from certain pieces only because I have a moral issue with them? Seems a little silly to me. As a former competitive swimmer, I’ve always had some insecurities about my arms and shoulders looking too hulk-like. But in this off-shoulder top, I feel as delicate as Keira Knightley. So I’ll take a chill-pill and cease my ranting from now on when it comes to trends. If it works, it works.

Case closed.

This skirt may or may not be a preppy-chic J. Crew tank top. Simply zipped it round my waist and covered up the wonky top part with my voluminous top. Let’s get to the good stuff. Everything here is thrifty except for the necklace. Prices:

Top: $1.50. Skirt: J. Crew. $1.50. Shoes: Ferragamo. $4.00. Necklace: Handmade by Native Americans in New Mexico. $20

Couldn’t decide if I liked the big ruffle in the front or the back, so I did both! Because, land of the free, you know?

Scarf tied in my hair for that music festival wench look: 50 cents. Shorts: cut off from some jeans I got at the coalition. 50 cents. Shoes: $2.00. Rings: gifts from my Mommy, found on Etsy.

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