Heavens to Etsy: Vaguely Summery Things

Hello and welcome to Heavens to Etsy! Stare at your screen in wonder whilst The Garbage Lady hand selects a collection of vintage gems for you. Let’s commence. 

Hello. The Garbage Lady has returned. Well, kinda. See, I’ve had an abundance of free time lately. You too? Get out of here! Well, in that time, I’ve been perusing Etsy like a madwoman, and I thought to myself: “Wow, there’s a lot of great stuff here, but I’m going to buy very little of it because I am, as they say, cheap.” So I’m going to post it here…whenever I feel like it. The theme this week is: “Vaguely Summery Things”. Eloquent woman that I am. Please enjoy.  

Here is a respectably cute denim dress.

Really a commendable plaid top.

Another quite good dress.

Somebody please buy this ruffle top before I do.

I applaud this green flirtatious bikini.

I’m really going for it with the dresses today, aren’t I?

Perhaps you need a fish shaped magazine holder?

My goodness, would you look at this top?

You have one hour to buy this delightful themed shirt before I do.

Get a summer hobby why don’t you.

Here’s a Tee Shirt.

I think that’s enough for now. Stay home, everyone.