Heavens to Etsy: Why have a theme when you can not have a theme.

Hello and welcome to Heavens to Etsy! Stare at your screen in wonder whilst The Garbage Lady hand selects a collection of vintage gems for you. Let’s commence. 

I was going to pick out an adorable theme for this post. It was going to be something catchy like “Vintage Handbags Under $25” or “Kitten Shaped Shot Glasses To Make That Tuesday Night Vodka Go Down Easier”. But I didn’t do any of that. Why? Because I am, as they say, lazy. And I don’t feel like it. So, here are a few nice things I came across on Etsy. Enjoy, losers. Sorry, that was harsh. Quarantine Garbage Lady is meaner than usual.

Really quite a good tie dye summer dress.

Bet you didn’t know you needed a decorative brass lobster.

Maybe a hand knit shawl is what’s missing from your life?

These curtains make my heart flutter.

A mug with a mustached man is just….it’s just….

Just a very good skirt.

This bag. Oh my.

My goodness, what a pretty necklace.

What a great dress for a socially distanced picnic.

Just some cutie pie shorts for you.

I love these plates. We have no room in our kitchen for plates.

A fun top. So fun. Wow.

And with that, I leave you. For now.