I Enjoy Selva Negra

In the unfortunate event that I’m required to wear pants, I prefer them red, ruffled and leisurely. Years from now, in my bedazzled turquoise rocking chair, I’ll still be thanking Selva Negra for finding me the perfect pair. The LA-based brand excels in the rare amalgam of sensuality, comfort and eccentricity. Their pieces speak, but leave room for you to do so too.

The clothes also breathe so well I’m convinced they have their own respiratory system. (Comprehensive report coming soon) I could win a 24-hr dance marathon in them. Climb a small mountain of shoes at a flea market. Beat many a worthy opponent in the savage race to the last organic mini watermelon at Whole Foods. Take that, Cheryl. Selva Negra is the sartorial sidekick I never knew I needed but now can’t live without.

Scroll with abandon for a few more things I appreciate about this label:

*Summer wedding outfit issues: SOLVED


*They understand that sometimes, denim jackets appreciate ruffles too.

*The black pant that staunchly disproves the infamous boring black pants theory

*Your new favorite non-boring denim option

*Cinderella’s crop top of choice

*The perfect outfit for getting white wine spritzer drunk and eating tomato soup

*The top you’ll want to wear every single day this summer

*A house dress you’ll very much want to wear out of the house

*Did you see these pants the first time I showed them to you? Holy pantaloons.

Any pieces catch your fancy? Are you craving tomato soup now? Pray do tell. Bye!