I Like Third Planet Collective

Third Planet Collective  inspired me to write a soap opera with shower accoutrements for characters. Possible plot lines I’ve conceived are:

-Soapie elopes with Scrubbert, the dashing new organic loofah in town. Then, she discovers she has a twin. THEN, she finds out she’s from the dollar store, not Whole Foods like everyone told her.

-Bubbles is excommunicated from the shower after it’s revealed he’s been concealing his true identity. THEY THOUGHT HE WAS A MOISTURIZING BAR.

-Scrubbert goes on a quest to find his father, the nefarious loofahnizer Sir Scrub a Dub.

-Razor Blade goes on a twelve day juice cleanse, has an epiphany and decides she won’t go another day clogged with armpit scruff. She escapes out the bathroom window with a rope Bubbles made out of drain hair.

I even made a poster for the future film adaptation; isn’t it darling?

You let that digest while I gear up some photographic evidence of why I’ve become so smitten with Third Planet Collective. Ahem:

The perfect bag for your imaginary vacation to the French Riviera.

romper for the day you want to sneak up on all your coworkers and serenade them with “Here Comes The Sun”.

Pants for when your feet need their own umbrellas.

This spa in top format.

shirt that is A: hand stitched, B: technically a basic but C, is unquestionably not basic and D, gives you that “cool sleeve” factor we’re all after.

Boob Soap  for all! In every color imaginable and made by the owner’s Grandmother in Montana.

Case closed.

Featured “Artwork” done by the Garbage Lady herself and features skin tone boob soap in ebony.