The Etsy Pile: Jackets

Hello and welcome to the Etsy Pile. Stare at your screen in wonder whilst The Garbage Lady hand selects a collection of vintage gems for you. Today, we’ll examine jackets. Let’s commence.

A request: Read these loudly in the voice of a very fancy person in a tuxedo announcing each jacket as they descend the stairs into a grand ballroom.

The Green Jacket.

The Light Green Jacket.

The Zebra Jacket.

The Stripey Fun Jacket.

The Denim Jacket.

The Green Wool Jacket.

The Yellow Cheerleader Jacket.

The Red Boiled Wool Jacket Soup .

The Cropped Teal Leather Jacket.

The Other Denim Jacket.

The Sunny Bomber Jacket.

The Silk Stripey Jacket.

The Pleaty Turquoisey Blazer Jacket.