The Etsy Pile: Monday Edition

Hello and welcome to the Etsy Pile. Stare at your screen in wonder whilst The Garbage Lady hand selects a collection of vintage gems for you. Let’s commence.

Did you even know you needed a pair of egghead salt and pepper shakers?

My goodness, what a nice silk printed blouse.

A VERY accurate necklace.

Wear this jacket. Take up gambling.


Tell everyone you stole these earrings from Cinderella. Gasp in horror and run away yelling “You can have them back when the clock strikes midnight!!!” when you see pumpkins, mice or especially vocal birds.

Tell everyone you were inspired by the sheer orangeness of pumpkins when they compliment you on this skirt.

Use this scarf as a disguise to hide from Cinderella. She just won’t let those damn earrings go.

Wear this tee shirt and tell everyone that you were number one in the alligator stroke.

Have some wooden ghosts and be on your way.