The Etsy Pile

Hello and welcome to the Etsy Pile. Stare at your screen in wonder whilst The Garbage Lady hand selects a collection of vintage gems for you. Let’s commence.

A beautiful book with vital information.

A floral top for the ages.

Go Halloween caroling. Sing only Nirvana. Wear this shirt.

What a fine frosted trinket dish.

A fuzzy red top perfect for cuddling with your pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

My, my, my what a pair of green embroidered trousers.

Wear this floral tank top to film episode 1 of your new YouTube series: Drunk Knitting.

Wear these earrings. Convince everyone they’re made of real citrus you magically shrunk. Smugly whip out your wand when they ask for evidence.

Mark my words, I will buy this Tee Shirt if you don’t. You have 24 hours.

Here’s a very nice dish.

Thank you and good day.