Wear Your Scarf As A Halter Top

Twas a fine day to wear my vintage scarf from Awoke as a halter top. The sun shone. The birds sang. My back sweat strove to be nationally recognized as a body of water.

Truthfully, I just wanted another way to show off the dynamite print on this silky sucker. Observe:

The blues! The greens! There’s simply no other way to do a vibrantly orange strawberry justice than to slather the fabric across my front side like it’s my homemade lemon-garlic hummus on 7-grain ezekiel bread.

I enjoy a good halter top for several reasons. First, I like to think the myriad tan lines darting across my back prompt the astute observer to wonder if there’s a new tattoo trend afoot. Second, sleeves are for people who don’t enjoy flapping their arms, doing the YMCA, or having fun. Thirdly, summer in LA is hot like a Carolina Reaper. I don’t know why I felt the need to add a vintage Escada belt to the mix. Let’s chalk it up to Summer ennui and call it a day.

Do you have any questions? Superior ways to tie a scarf? Halter top concerns? Kale salad recipes? Send a carrier pigeon and let me know.

Outfit specs:

Jeans, earrings, sunnies and scarf: Awoke Vintage

Belt: Vintage Escada from Cut and Chic

Shoes: Beacon’s Closet

Bracelet: Canned Goods