Don’t Kill my Vibe: A personal style experiment with Eenvoud

Perhaps Netflix and I spent a little too much time together during our Once Upon a Time marathon this weekend, but don’t you feel like there’s something magical about style? Cinderella’s fairy godmother wasn’t the only one with the power to transform. We’ve just had to figure out a way to do it senza wand.

In my book, Houdini’s got nothin’ on the magic that occurs when fashion meets personality. One piece has the potential to take on an endless number of forms, all depending on who’s wearing it. But like most things in life, some are better than others. When it comes to clothing, there’s that which speaks and that which allows the person wearing it to do so on their own. In the case of Eenvoud, I’d say  the latter choice is more than accurate.

I had the great honor and pleasure of showcasing just a fraction of that transformative quality using the Sleeveless V-Back Top from Eenvoud’s upcoming collection. Six stunning women graciously volunteered to style the top their own way using pieces from their closets. In order of appearance in the gallery, we have: My best friend since pre-school Alexa, her mom Patti and her sister Morgan, Hester, Petra and last but not least my gorgeous mother Katie. The ages range from 22 to 90. It would be a crime to try and cover up even an ounce of the unique beauty I see in each of these women. Thankfully, we have companies like Eenvoud who understand that clothes are merely a vehicle for expression. I think what’s being said here today in these photos is something worth taking a second, third and fourth look at, wouldn’t you agree?

For more insight into the genius behind Eenvoud, take a look at our interview with owner and designer Jesse Syswerda. And you can browse through more of her wonderful designs here.

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