Why you should own: A Denim Man Shirt

Strong, yet soft.

A shade of blue akin to the rippling tides of the Atlantic.

Envelopes you with feelings of ease and security.

Am I referring to the gaze of your dream man or the perfect oversized denim shirt? Does it matter? Both can be obtained with the right amount of perseverance, creativity and bribery.

The two denim creations featured here today were found in the Men’s section of my local coalition. I realize I’ve mentioned this once already in my analysis of Pajamas, but I just can’t stress enough the importance of checking every single section when attempting to thrift. Sort of like switching up coffee shops every few days hoping that it will increase your chances of glancing across the room and noticing that the espresso-sipping deity two tables over is reading the same book as you. And happens to be looking your way. Sticking to the norm rarely leads to the discovery of treasures, don’t you agree?

In any case, browse through these photos and keep all this in mind on your next shopping excursion. The kids section may just have the best “shrunken” jean jacket you’ve ever laid hands on and even if you’re a size negative 2, the plus size section may have what has the potential to be your new favorite tunic.

A note: In case you were wondering, I may have sewn the ruffle of a disassembled pillow case onto the hem of the second look. I wanted to wear the shirt as a dress and it was just a few inches too short for public decency standards. Hooray for easy sewing hacks!

Here’s a price breakdown:

Striped Button ups: 54 cents each

Man shirt made of denim and worn as a skirt: 54 cents

Shoes: Ferragamo. $2.00

Other manly denim shirt made feminine by adding pillow fabric: 54 cents

Neck scarf: $1.50

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