Your Skirt Called Me. It Wants To Be A Dress.

Sustainable fashion comes down to quality, but not just of the pieces. It also pertains to the relationship you have with your wardrobe. And that involves seeing potential. Sometimes, your scarf is longing to be a top. Maybe your gigantic earring wants to be a brooch for a day. Perhaps your slightly too large tangerine skirt from Awoke Vintage stays up all night dreaming of being worn as a dress. Who are we to put a cork in such admirable desires?

Now then. There are several ways one can establish this sort of bond:

A: Sit in your closet for hours whispering to your red bedazzled cowgirl hat.

B: Seek counseling.

C: Take a gander at the photos below and allow the inspiration to hit you like a giant cloud of bug spray.


Behold. One Nickelodeon Splat colored skirt morphs into the dress your claustrophobic armpits have been waiting for. Lest I be mistaken for a blob of orange Play-Doh, I tied my blue vintage shirt from Awoke Dad-On-A-Hike style around my waist. For dictionary level definition. Just imagine the look on your friend/significant other/Hinge Date/Great Uncle’s face when you wear Outfit Number One to dinner, politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and emerge clothed in Outfit Number Two. Just picture the sheer glee on their barbecue sauce smeared faces! The admiration! The mild chagrin!

Think it over.

Every piece featured here hails from Awoke Vintage minus the sunglasses which are Crap Eyewear



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