10 Times I Tried to Look Normal in a Photo and 100% Failed

I won’t be surprised when Kendall Jenner hits me up asking for tips after this display of photographic excellence.

15 responses to “10 Times I Tried to Look Normal in a Photo and 100% Failed”

  1. I absolutely love this……I was literally laughing out loud. You are amazingly creative and funny…can’t wait to share. >

  2. just checked out your blog and i love it! just like what others said, you’re so creative, and i also love how you write, so witty & funny.

    i used to love to thrift & remake the stuffs too, but that was before i moved to this expensive country (i mean… even the ‘garbage piles’ are expensive!). so i learned how to sew from scratch instead. 😀 anyway, i really enjoy reading your blog, gonna start following you and hope you’ll keep on writing & posting!

    • Thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you like it 🙂 In my book, sewing is even better than thrift shopping. I’m trying to learn some sewing basics but it’s a tough road and I have so much to learn!! But it’s all so fun.