Let’s Examine: CutandChic Vintage

I look at Vintage much like I look at tequila.

Potent. Charismatic.

Best when mixed.

Wearing a certain era of vintage shouldn’t feel akin to wearing a costume. I prefer it to be sprinkled, perhaps dolloped, but certainly not lathered all at once. At times I dial it up to serve as the nucleus to my ensemble, other times all the way down to a simple twinkle of a detail, but never shall I ever treat my vintage like an uptight lifeguard does sunscreen.

Joanna Go, owner of CutandChic Vintage, gets an A-Plus in sartorial bartending.

Many would say that running an Etsy vintage shop  chock-full of blissfully wearable pieces ranging from the ultra-femme to the (not too) quirky to the don’t-mess-with-this-(s)ass to the hippest of menswear is sufficient.

But Jo Go says no. CutandChic also claims the title of fully-fledged vintage fashion blog.

To be clear: we’ve landed atop the territory where the metaphorical tequila undergoes its transformation.

Jo has a knack-and-a-half for seamlessly incorporating vintage pieces into her own unique repertoire of style, which is aptly showcased in her OOTD section on the blog. Not a costume in sight here. Just eclectic vintage pieces married refreshingly with an urban edge. Maybe Jo was born with it, maybe we can at least slightly credit both her upbringing in Hollis, Queens and her time spent abroad in London. Who ever thought the terms “vintage” and “swag” would play together so nicely?

Oh, you were wondering about this top I’m donning in the featured photos? The one that’s faintly reminiscent of the old Disney version of Alice in Wonderland in the best way? Allow me to introduce you. This blouse is the high-end organic cold-pressed juice shop, rather than the 7-Eleven, of 70s vintage pieces. It’s got attitude, pizzaz, funk, but in a refined sense. You could go to a chic dinner with this blouse and not give a second worry as to whether she’ll pronounce “haricots verts” properly. And yet, after dinner you can scamper off to the salsa club a-la-mode down the street and not only will she know and breezily hi-five the bouncer, but she’ll languidly dance the night away, DOMESTIC beer in hand.

I’ve found my new vintage BFF. And she’s the coolest. Find yours by swinging on over to the CutandChic Etsy shop.

Or. Head on over to the CutandChic blog or peek their Facebook and Instagram