Take a Look: Seamly.co

They say romance is dead. Articles pop up relentlessly on the world wide web lamenting that social media (I’m looking at you, Tinder) has squashed our ability to have healthy, committed relationships.

Though I partially agree with those sentiments, I think it’s high time we realize that the same issues apply to our bond, or lack thereof, with our clothes.

All too often, we view new additions to our wardrobes as one night stands rather than potential long-term partners. Many of us say that we love fashion, but it seems we’ve diluted that term down to a more fleeting and shallow connotation, much like we sometimes do with our personal relationships of late.

I mean, do you really love that Forever 21 dress? Sure it was only $7.99, but have we reached a sartorial point where cheap has become synonymous with worth? You know that after only a few wears, that dress won’t even be fit for Goodwill donation. Yet so many of us seem to think that it’s more economically savvy to shop at these low-price, lower-quality sorts of places.

It’s time to raise our standards. Kristin Glenn, founder and CEO of Seamly.co is not only on board, but co-captain of the ship. She has a vision of a world in which we treat our clothing with the respect it deserves. All of her products are made ethically and sustainably right here in the United States. Denver, Colorado to be exact. In an industry where honesty is often overlooked, it’s a breath of much-needed air when a company can be 100% honest about the production of it’s clothing because, *gasp*, there’s nothing to hide.

From the perfect comfy Tee to beautifully crafted maxi-dresses to the awe-inspiring 30-pieces-in-one Versalette, Seamly.co has the tools you need to build a wardrobe that will last.

Keep a sharp eye out! Seamly.co is set to launch a brand-new jacket on Kickstarter this Fall.

Seamly.co website here

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Want to shop the pieces you see here in the slideshow? No problem.

Vallynne Tank here

Stretch Blazer in Navy here

Basic Tee Stripes here

Basic Tee (On Sale!) here