Pimp Your Shoes

MTV Circa 2005 is probably rolling in it’s bedazzled grave after this one.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to add a dash of sartorial pizazz to your shoes.

Although ideally the fabric covering our bodies creates a cohesive statement with the material encasing our feet, it’s rare that the two elements share space.

Did I lose you?

What I mean to say is…how often do you stick scraps of fabric into your shoes?

It’s a practice I highly recommend if you enjoy feeling like your feet have been gift wrapped.

The effect is simple to achieve. All you need are some relatively neutral shoes and two small fabric swatches. Not a hard-core crafter or a Parsons student? Don’t fret. Run to your nearest all-purpose thriftery; they will most likely have a wonderful selection of antique napkins/pillowcases/placemats, all of which work exquisitely for this project.

Now. All you have to do is pretend you work at Macy’s and your feet are Christmas presents soon to be shipped off to unidentified grandchildren in Michigan. I treated my scraps a little like socks, wrapping them round my feet before stuffing it all into the welcoming embrace of my effortlessly adorable flats.

But the options are endless here, so go ahead and do your thing. Just remember to coordinate your dance moves with your choice of fabric. Me, I’ll be tangoing the day away in these sassy selections.

Here’s what I paid to look like this:

Shoes: $5.00 (I went crazy and splurged)

Fabric Scraps…stolen from my Mom’s sewing room

Denim cutoffs: Made from some tacky-ass jeans I got for 54 cents

80’s-tastic swimsuits worn as leotards: 54 cents each

Neck scarfs: 54 cents each

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  1. Loving your style!! Nominated you for the Liebster Award since I love your posts. Check out my latest blog post for details on what to do!