Startup Seeking Unpaid CEO Intern

Position Description: Startup seeking rockstar of a CEO intern! Passion for CEO’ing is a must. Our ideal candidate is a hardworking  go-getter who’s creative and detail oriented, but not so much that you notice we aren’t paying you. If you’re a motivated, driven, ambitious (and rich) college student interested in the corporate domination industry, then boy is this the perfect opportunity for us!    

Who we are: We were sort of thinking you could figure that out for us? But here’s some stuff we like:


-Long walks on the beach


-Jeff Bezos


– “Marketing buzzwords”

-Not data breach scandals


-CEO stuff

-Going viral

-Doing our laundry

-Maintaining the illusion of competence

-Boosting overall money making

-Ruling the office with an iron fist

-Getting coffee


-A real passion for CEO’ing!

-Must be an actual rockstar. With tour dates and stuff.  

-Willingness to work independently, as a team, on weekends, at night, at dawn and without any direction from us whatsoever.

-BYO MacBook Pro, Keurig machine and a willingness to share

-Must know really big words to say in meetings like “revenue”, “depreciation” and “Instagram Model”

-Family money


Unpaid. But just think of all the room for growth!

We can probably offer you college credit, but we’ll have to Google how.  


Kalamazoo, Michigan. Could work remotely.


Mon-Fri 8am to 1am

To apply, send us your resume, a short business plan and a $50,000 investment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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