The Summer Canadian Tuxedo

I was once a skeptic of the Canadian Tuxedo. “Too much of a good thing.” I quipped. “What would I ever do with all that denim?” I pondered. WELL. Let me tell you, former self. In a well-executed CT, you can:

-Climb a small tree.

-Sit for hours without damaging any internal organs.

-Host a blueberry festival.

-Wear these Dadybones earrings with this scarf and not feel like you have too many cooks in the kitchen.

-Enter a blueberry smoothie chugging contest, make plans to go on a first date immediately after and NOT bring a change of clothes.

-Teach a Tai Chi class

-Be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep at your desk/in your grocery shopping cart/on the person sitting next to you on the subway.

How, then, is one to wear a Canadian Tuxedo when the heat index is higher than my expectations for the new season of Orange is the New Black?



The important thing here is the light-weight denim shirt. You probably want it a few sizes too large to allow for experimentation, like this Everlane button-up I stumbled upon in my favorite shop called “My boyfriend’s side of the closet”. If wrapping the sleeves around your boobs isn’t appealing to you, I suggest wearing it off the shoulder and tied into a crop top. By all means, wear as many accessories as possible here. Could be a purple string tied in a bow around your neck, could be these Hello Kitty water wings.  Live your life as you see fit.

Now then, how are we feeling about the Canadian Tuxedo? LMK.

Shirt: Everlane

Shorts: Buffalo Exchange

Gold Necklace: Awoke Vintage

Earrings: Worship Vintage

Shoes and purple tie: Random estate sales in North Carolina



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