What’s Your Fancy Threshold?

The time for Couture Fall 2015 has arrived and with it one resounding sentiment hammering at my psyche.

Who in the hell dresses up this much and enjoys it?

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting gussied up and feeling pretty just as much as the next female. But a floor length, jewel encrusted gown that I can neither breathe nor eat pizza in? I think I’d last about ten minutes before a full-blown panic attack commenced.

Maybe I’d get used to it. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t give up pickles AND Netflix for a year just to try on one of Elie Saab’s ethereal creations for a few moments. But when it comes down to it, I’m about as close to the conventional standard of Glam Style as I am to winning the Heisman Trophy (Though, ahem, I did manage to run around the block without stopping yesterday).

The interesting thing is, I’m sure plenty of women would wear Vauthier couture out for an entire night and love every minute of it. Being a hard-core fancy pants just comes naturally for some ladies. But everyone has their unique capacity for that sort of thing. To some, “dressing up” means wearing pants. For others, getting ready for a night on the town leads to a two-hour long ordeal that inadvertently but consistently leads to late arrivals and angry friends. I love the immeasurable range of perspectives when it comes to personal style.

The look I’ve featured today exemplifies my typical “dressy” look. I used quotation marks because it’s not actually dressy at all.

But what about you? Where do you fall in the Fancy Threshold spectrum?

In case you were wondering, I’ll leave the prices right here:

Silk Nightie worn as a dress: Victoria’s Secret. 54 cents

Shirt tied round my hips: 54 cents

Blazer: 54 cents

Shoes: Ferragamo. $2.00

Head Scarf: $1.50

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